Replacing several times your investment in advertising with cold, high-volume traffic
Accelerating the growth
of your online schools
4 times
Recoupable traffic from social networks for online schools
27 million USD
of the advertising budget
has been successfully realized
in 2019-2023
17 million
registrations have brought customers into the funnels
FAQ MARKETING on numbers
online schools have entrusted us to work with their social networks advertisement
Some of our services
Without any break on weekends and holidays, we provide client with a daily traffic volume from ROMI of at least 300%
From a test budget of 550 to 27 500 USD
How to raise ROMI from MINUS to + 80% in the esoteric niche with the help of GDN
How to bring back a burnt-out project to 77 000 USD monthly budget
Our approach to work

For a high-quality launch, we calculate preliminary indicators and forecast results
Calculation of the preliminary decomposition
We will analyzing your funnel, product, target audience and evaluate the potential to scale the advertisement
Audit of funnels and landing pages
We get the first results and evaluate the effectiveness of the funnel. We will give a calculation for further results
Run a traffic testing in 10-14 days
We are multiplying the flow of registrations while maintaining quality indicators
The expansion of advertising campaigns
Get traffic decomposition for your online school
of any volume from
7 social networks
Google ADS
Telegram ADS
Platform Market VK
Our main task is
always to earn a lot profit for you
3 directions at the same time
  • We are increasing traffic
  • Optimizing budget expenditures
  • We are reducing the cost of the application
Common standards
Each online school will supervised by 3 to 5 specialists who are constantly in touch, working to increase the number and quality of leads
The optimal promotion strategy
Expert Setup
We use only time-tested tools and techniques to attract traffic
All specialists who set up and conduct advertising campaigns have been trained according to the author's methodology and officially certified
Full transparency of working environment
Analytics and a regular report - on the budget, the number of registrations, conversions and the price of the application
Constant traffic
High conversion rate
Stable sales
Target leads
Stages of work
First consultation to get to know about your online school
Analyzing of your landing pages
Filling out a brief, setting primary goals
Approval of the work plan
Setting up Analytics
Launching an ad
Defining advertising channels to achieve goals
Statistics and optimization
Each specialist has a narrow specialization, at least 5 years of experience and the skills to promote and attract traffic
Feedback from our customers
Yuri Kurilov
Mikhail Kristosenko
Vadim Sherbanev
Kiril Frolov
Yekaterina Bliznyuk
Sergei Zharchenkov
Do you have problem with your traffic?
Our specialists consistently maintain your advertisement for medium and large budgets
Do you need a high-quality audience?
We provide only high-quality targeted traffic for your projects
Do you want to scale up?
Get the purchased traffic from anywhere in the world with the volume you need
Stable sales
Sales funnel
Target leads
High conversion rate
Constant traffic
What do you get in the end?
Lost time and nerves
We answer all your questions
We connect several traffic channels at once
We discuss the tasks and conditions of cooperation
You get 70 proven top-notch target marketers
Professional project support
All advertising tools are professional
Fixed price for the entire period of operation
You immediately get high-quality traffic within the agreed KPIs
You don't have enough high-quality traffic to scale
You can't promote your project because advertising cabinets are constantly blocked
The registration price is increasing every day
Can hear that the audience is "burned out", "your funnel is not working", "I'm looking for working bundles"
Do test at least 100 marketers
It is necessary to find for separate specialist for each advertising channel
Search for specialists
Why choose FAQ Marketing is more profitable
than looking for specialists on your own?
You know exactly when every dollar you have invested will pay off!
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